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Camera surveillance technicians - smart city 

For those who want to work in an inspiring and fun environment and embrace 21st century technology, R.T.S. currently offers great job opportunities. 

Sending commands via Raspberry Pi

"This graduation thesis is my final piece of work for my training at HoWest. In it, I discuss my project that I developed at RTS. The idea for my graduation project came from the internship company itself. RTS installed these types of devices on a mobile device, but it often happened that the signal was too far or out of range, or that there was interference.  The goal of this assignment was to optimise the working system even further. This by connecting a Raspberry Pi to the mobile devices."

Radio communication for emergencies

  • Unmanned and computer-controlled emergency centres can use walkie-talkies, portable phones, pagers, text messaging, etc. to deal with emergencies quickly and effectively.
  • Workers use deadman's radios in hazardous locations. When the worker is in an emergency situation, these devices automatically transmit an emergency call to, for example, an emergency call centre.

Livestreaming of images

Various municipalities and provinces live stream images of special occasions and animals via Youtube. For example, you can take a look via Youtube:


  • Watchman's hut in Provinciedomein De Gavers
  • Webcam peregrine falcon in Courtrai  
  • Webcam peregrine falcon in the Sint-Romboutstoren in Mechelen 


Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras screen for temperature increases. This can be useful, especially in high-risk sectors such as food, care or education, for preventive action in times of seasonal influenza or other viruses.